Fun Facts About Munich’s Oktoberfest

What started as a grand town wedding, back in 1810, the first- ever fest was held to celebrate the 12th wedding of the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig to the Saxon princess – Hildburghausen Therese.

Here are some interesting facts that you probably did not know –

  1. Munich beer only – it is a celebration of Bavarian traditions, so the only beer you’ll find during the festival is brewed within the city limits of Munich.
  2. Locals call it “Wiesn”
  3. No one raises their mug until the Mayor says so.
  4. Visitors drank a record 7.5 million liters of beer in 2011.
  5. Strong beer is specially brewed for the fest having at least 6% alcohol.
  6. ‘Beer corpses’ or ‘Bierleichen’ is what they call people who’ve had too much and pass out.
  7. There is a Red Cross tent on-site.
  8. Losing your kids(temporarily) at the fest is quite normal.
  9. There are 14 beer hall tents – the most famous being Schottenhamel, it’s where the first keg is tapped and the biggest one is Hofbräu-Festhalle which seats almost 11,000 people.
  10. Over 140 food stands and restaurants serve dishes like Roast chicken (Hendl), Grilled ham hock (Schweinshaxe) to Sausages (Bratwürst) along with Brezen (Pretzel).
  11. Albert Einstein, once worked as an electrician and helped to set up one of the beer tents in 1896.
  12. The fest has its own Pop-Up Post Office.
  13. In 2010, 1,30,000 beer mugs were confiscated and taken back to their tent owners.
  14. Paris Hilton is permanently banned from Oktoberfest – She went to the event dressed in a golden and shiny Bavarian Drindl to promote a brand of canned wine. Locals got the organisers to ban her because they were offended by how she was dressed.

The other reports highlighted at rand`s june 12 forum found that states and districts across the country were using similar strategies to respond to the federal law.


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